Mohammed Irshad Shamsi

June 23, 1994 - Bangalore
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Philosophers and poets of old;
Pondered over an emotion uncontrolled.
Asking themselves what is love?
Is it a raven or a dove.

Love, the enchanting feeling of desire;
Passionate like raging fire.
It's dangerous, crazy, exciting and more.
And for it, all else we ignore.

Some say it's a persuit of shadow;
Coz in the end you'll get hurt and be solo.
Flipping from immence joy to grief;
Why do we chase something so naive?

Pure affection is turned over to hate.
That's the truth of every love's Fate.
All the excitement leads to restlessness;
Doomed with pain and endlessness.

Can you think of anything worse?
Now tell me, is it love or a curse?
or is it a manifestation of madness,
Elevated to a domain of sacredness?

Why don't you Ask yourself this,
Is it the person you love or the feeling of bliss?
Is it your partner that you miss
Or how you feel when they kiss?

Love is not about satisfying you're desire;
It's about giving it all to the fire.
A fire fueled by passion, non-erotic and non-selfish;
Only then will love have no blemish.

You don't give to the one you love;
You love the one whom you give.
And I'll give you all of me;
What you need, is what I'll be.
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