Mohammed Irshad Shamsi

June 23, 1994 - Bangalore
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Deadly Valentine

Our eyes met and my heart Awed,
It was hard to catch my breath
As I saw her soft sleander bod.

Her large eyes like a kitten,
stared at my face like seth
feeling a breez from his prison.

I could sense her longing for me.
A rope of pheromones tugged hard.
And I went down on one knee.

I moved close to her and held her tight.
Wilderness was our floor.
Hence began the dance of delight.

When her soft lips were tugged in mine.
I tasted the blood lust in her eyes,
She was my deadly Valentine.

Ripping off my head she feasted.
For the protine she'd Keep spare.
But she loved me in her own way, twisted.
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