Mita Roy

Someone , Somewhere from India


As night walks into deep slumber,
The cloud rolls and summons the thunder.
Thunder rumbles and rolls out loud,
lightning tiptoes and hugs the cloud.

Still the cloud sits somber with tears rolling down,
as the rain steadily lashes, the valley down.
Lightning whispers," What's it that makes you so sad?"
Answers cloud, "My little heart is broken bad!"

I bleed, I break, I shiver, I cry.
Day in and day out, I just try and try,
to let him be, to let him fly;
still, be with him till I die.

Alas, he is near yet so so far,
my voice fails to reach his soul, which is still ajar......
Countless days, endless nights,
Long waits, blank sights!!!!
My heart's only wish for him
Just be YOU, wherever you are.
Carry on with life...but do come for my last rites.
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