Mika Tanaka

One-sided Comfort

I knew from the beginning
The pain that you dealt with
Yet I chose to stand by your side
I told you that I wouldn't leave you like the others did
I promised comfort, patience, and love
But now the air's getting heavy
You're making it hard to breathe
I would tell you my troubles
But you don't need any more bad news
I'm trying my hardest
I'm giving it my all
But I didn't think this would be so one-sided
I fear that my worries would just bring you down
If I left, you would sink even further
So I'll continue to keep to myself
But, what if finally walk out?
Would I get a teary call from your family?
Would your heartbroken look be the last I ever saw of you?
Just the thought crushes my heart
I know staying isn't healthy
But I'm too afraid to leave
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