Michal Draker

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The Good-Spirited Stranger

It was a bright and sunny day,
the type that keeps the monsters at bay.

Although snowy and a little bit cold,
adventures waiting to carefully unfold.

Out there in the wildest nature,
you can meet the kindest stranger.

He is polite and he is always smiling,
don't be afraid of him and don't start crying.

Cry in this wilderness can mean danger,
and you don't want to scare, this good-spirited stranger.

He might be ugly, scary and looking sad,
but be careful around this guy named Chad.

He offers protection, to walk you through the woods,
all that he asks for, is a small portion of your goods.

Don't refuse his help, he won't take it lightly,
he will get angry and your butt cheeks will squeeze tightly.

Don’t try to run from him, don't try to hide,
as he will follow wherever you go - worldwide.

As he guides you through the forest, don't leave his sight,
as the trees and beasts around you, will give you quite a fright.

When he is talking, listen to it all and always be polite,
despite his harsh looks, he is a bright delight.

When you reach the edge, the end of the cursed land,
don’t forget to say thanks and caress his wooden hand.

Was he a good spirit? Was he a villain?
Nothing like that. Just a righteous woods guardian.

Remember him one day, as he saved your life,
if it wasn't for him, you are reading this in your afterlife.

The good-spirited stranger still can be found,
but you better stay away, from the spirits battleground.
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