Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio


Lungs fill with air and I expand my life
Eyes glazed over with an unknown beauty
The dark of mine admire the star in yours
Simple design is the greatest thing I have ever known
However the complex of you breaks it all away
Steal the the breathe out of my lungs once again
Ascension into higher emotions, I still worry
Admiration that I have is, is it normal to feel such?
The way I feel is true and I know that to my fullest extent
Worrisome I grow as the clock spins and goes on
Life is too short for me not to be openly transparent
Warmth in my chest burns as my eyes see
Light as the very air that you seem to make better
Insects with colorful wings fly into my stomach
Rose petals as red as the both of our faces
Deep into my eyes gaze forever without a blink
Gasping to find the air to tell you these words
I choke and suffocate to no significant result
Apologies to you for any mental uncertainties
I favor everything that I know about you
In honesty, I am scared of whatever may be
Not terribly scared, but excited for what can be
As my mind wanders, I smile happily
Something that I could only wish to cause you
If there is anything I could finally say
You help me forget the pain that I have been through
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