Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio


My heart frozen in the glacier of my past
I know not of your warmth, but can feel it.
With time and space, our world goes on.
Rotation has ended, both axis’s misplacen.
A hollowness that I feel in my chest.
Throughout worst and best, a wick remains.
Make me alive and light my fire.
The black in my eyes consume hope and desire.
Restore my color, the light in my eyes.
Upon reflection, the world is shades of grey.
I dream upon a star that has burned out.
My night sky is vast, so desolate.
Miles between the eyes that see the light.
Holding on is breaking away my skin.
Shine your light to the deep inside.
I apologize to whatever you may find.
Break me away from these heavy chains.
Alone may be all that I ever know. Bury me now for all that is worth.
My beauty lays inside not out.
Dig below the surface, find a new world.
Go over and under, and leave me here.
I do not step and I do not fall.
Constant reminder of life’s repetitions.
I see something in you that’s old me.
My soul aches and afraid of the maybe.
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