Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio

To My Extent

A world that is held together by two hands
Falling between the palms, ladled by the fingers
With my arms outstretched, only to you
Arguments consist of whether or not it was mine
Black skies unravel to any gray to any blue
Every decision was made with you in mind
To whatever you may desire, my best is given
Calling for sacrifice, tell me your own ways
But for that, what do I have to lose?
Build you a wall, as thick as you ever need
Use my body to block the ending bullets
If you need to feel the warmth, I’m a match
You can use me once to ignite your own flame
Minds will never comprehend what I’m capable of
Tell me wherever it may hurt, and I’ll inflict myself
To know your pain is to feel mine over and over
Worlds are given not earned, but you have mine
A youth not known to have this connection
Take my hand, grab tight, and end up on top
Step on my back to help you, it’s my meaning
Here I lay forever with my hands up for you
My arms out open, patience loss to only feel you
The world I would give if you could see me
Green grass and blue skies, the swans singing
Never satisfied until I am dead and bloodless
Not your hopes, but my hopes to only give you
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