Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio


When will we learn from another
Watching ourselves doing absolutely nothing
Waiting for salvation while it is not earned
Praising yourself worthy of a thought from a higher power
Given you this Earth, here we stand on the fractures
Breaking Her, our beautiful mother, more than yours
She was designed for us, yet we still break her
Dying of a certain disease, one called humanity
Worthy we are not of this life, or even Hers
Fires consume in Her core, but why on the surface
We have been so ungrateful that we cause pain
All our minds consist of war and selfishness
Too worried about your survival you claim
She will provide, but you feel responsible for life
We have no control in that, what makes you think different
How can we be considered Holy if we aren’t even Earthly
Insignificant we are to everything occurring
Existence is not what you think it is
It is merely a test that we all seem to be failing
Your rapture will come and few will be saved
On your knees, you will watch Hell grow like a weed
Blame the Devil, but this was created by us
All the torture She went through, you will feel
An eternity of a blaze and black smoke covering our eyes
As we choke and die on our last breath of air, we wonder
Why did we think we were worthy of salvation
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