Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio


Black raven watching over upon my life
Is the end in sight or too far gone
Is the threshold crossed to never the same
Life is near gone or maybe fully depleted
Where is my path even if taken alone
Tablets digested to keep fighting and forever fighting
My smile, is it true without my knowledge
Tear down the walls! I’m held prisoner
The world bears suffering at only my cost
I break the world before I find myself victim
Shatter the windows, they are only barriers
Four walls surround the room, trapped inside
Wanting to break free but failure is again
Fallen, broken, bruised, and now forever scarred
Why did my mind tell me that I could
Eyes shut but the tears forever drop
Is the end in sight, no possible way
Unless only brought upon by mine
The smiles I create, does it lay inside the mind
To adventure so deep, fully inside the void
Stars struggle to shine and nothingness exists
This is the world that I have created for I
Black raven that stalks in the distance
Take me far away, as far as mine heart desire
In this world, I can no longer define happiness
Somewhere distant from my world, I will feel again
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