Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio

Open Heart

Let’s tell a small story of what goes on inside my mind
If you care about me, I promise that Im fine
Trapped inside these walls forever enclosing upon my lungs
Not much to be proud of, so low my head is hung
As I sit here thinking of words to describe how I feel
This must not be life, tell me there is something is real
Emotions that I lack tend to cause hurt the ones I love
Sometimes that will not stop, until I am up above
Breaking the spirit just seems to be so close to home
All because these thoughts, they’re only in my dome
They cannot be real but they change the way I act
Why can’t I smile, is there a heart that I lack
Sitting in silence makes me love peace and quiet
Tell me just to be happy, maybe I should try it
I get so caught up watching all the clouds by
Life can be so painful, would it end if I just ...
Twisted eyes trying so desperately to see the twisted light
I can’t deal with happiness, it fuels all my spite
Wanting to be like you. Walk and talk just like you
Too much to take, that’s when I turn blue
Hold my hand and show me a world I cannot see
But my chest feels hollow, like an empty dead tree
One day I will win the wars and battles in my head
That day will be the day, where you remember what I said
“Not today, but tomorrow I will get out of bed.
I don’t want to die, but would it better if I was dead”
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