Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio

Last Goodbye

When the heart stops beating, do not shed a tear
Do not cry or feel any amount of sorrow
Tears are not necessary for such a beautiful event
While life is joyous, I can finally lay at rest
Missing people that I would see for many more years
I did not want an end to life, but beauty is beauty
Smile because I lived a life that you made better
When forever was said, I hoped I was never second
To see your tears is quite sad considering your role
You taught me so much in life that I never knew
The world is such a great place because of you
Your side I remain forever throughout death
Please do not cry, I will never be gone
Go forward and smile because of what was
As my life depleted, I was smiling at you
Don’t cry, we both knew I wouldn’t be here for long
When I said I loved you, it was meant after death
I am sorry for leaving you alone in this world
I can see the way that these events have hurt you
Do not give up although I can wipe up the tears
Do not bleed, it is not worth the scars
To my knowledge, why do you hurt so much
Don’t give in to the urges, I miss you too
But I am gone, you have an entire life
It’s too late, will I see your face up here...
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