Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio

Grey Day

Many say that they do not see color, none
Color is all I ever seen but in the recent
As walking by, my head looking at the ground
The grey ground beside all the grey grass
Am I for the better to ignore the world
The tiles in the ground all the same color
Eyes up, following the tilt of my head
The colors are unlike any to my sight
Is this to feel the touch of life again
Unlike my hopes, the whole place is burning
Trees burn into ash intoxicating the very air
The melting flesh off of the birds and squirrels
Light of the sun amounts not to the flame
A world destroyed that all did I miss
To see the colors, but everything set ablaze
Not to my hopes, is it worth the sight
Admitting the world is beautiful is complete
Reminds of the world that I very knew
Through the flames, I last look around
A burning world should never be so beautiful
My head will rest down, gazing down
The grey of ground no where as miserable
Time will one day relinquish all the flames
Sight of color with none of the fire
Until then, grey ground and the fading grey grass
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