Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio

Glass Seedlings

Still I stand, passing through my eyes
Pace increased, skipping like young children
Heart elevated, can you see me flying?
Short lines, can nor will not describe
My lungs, breathing in the intoxicating air
Truly fair, love contained in the oxygen
My eyes, processing beauty feet forward
Black hands, they will continue to spin
Fallen hands, hold them back up for me
No idea, my heart continues to beat the same
New day, I continue to feel the same way
Tell me, my wishes to speak are irrelevant
Give me, day by day I will grow
One chance, I am not giving but am waiting
Time strikes, I will feel completely whole again
The lines, sharpest of any known dagger
Stood still, I admire the little about you
Once mine, sacrifice an entire world
No more, erase the waves of depression
All given, I will show you my dim light
No me, all of my heart surrendered
The few, days will blend into the years
Gone by, I promise my beat will stay in rhythm
To extent, given everything that I ever could
After all, the stars no longer align
Here I fall, back on my own again
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