Slava P, aka Maximus Decimus Meridius

October 31st, 1970 - Kyiv, Ukraine and since 1992 - New Jersey, USA
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Without You

I'm so bored without you, sad.
I'm empty without you.
Where you are not, the moon is not bright,
I'm not hot under the southern sun.
For me in the summer - blizzards and frosts,
I have only tears without you.

It's so sweet for me to swim in my dreams,
But I'm afraid of waking up
Shouldn't, but I'm afraid
I'm afraid that the day will be filled with sadness,
When you're not around.

But I believe dreams will come true
And we will be together with you
Day and night under the moon.
And all the January frosts
I'm not afraid
After all, you are with me.

And I believe that the day will come
And you will come and the ice will melt.
And there will be peace - for the two of us
And there will be eternity, not a moment.

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