Slava P, aka Maximus Decimus Meridius

October 31st, 1970 - Kyiv, Ukraine and since 1992 - New Jersey, USA
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Here's what's happening to me

Here's what's happening to me:
my old friend does not go to me,
but walk in petty fuss
different are not the same.
And he
not with those walks somewhere
and he understands it too
and our discord is inexplicable,
and both suffer with it.
Here's what's happening to me:
not at all the same comes to me,
puts his hands on my shoulders
and steals me from another.
And that one -
say for God's sake
who should put their hands on their shoulders?
from whom I was stolen
in retaliation, too, will steal.
Doesn't answer right away.
but will live with himself in the struggle
and unconsciously marks
someone far away.
Oh how nervous
and sick of
unnecessary connections
and unnecessary friendships!
I'm already restless!
Oh somebody
and disunity
close souls!

Evtushenko E. (Author)
Translator Slava P ©
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