Matteo Guidi

May 04, 2002 - Cecina
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The garden of our love

Queer love, difficult to define,
blooms like the garden's reddest rose, Facing the sun like a sunflower,
yet a roller coaster in repose.
It thrives even in desiccated soil,
its growth feels like magic, pure. Yearning for your love's company,
a longing, a wanting so sure.
When apart,
it feels like a piece of yourself has gone astray, Awaiting the laughter of your soulmate,
your partner, every day.
A glimpse, a sound, that will never come,
will never echo again,
In hopes that you might merge as one, and shine, without any pain.
Shine like the brightest star in the firmament,
a beacon in the night,
Shine like his generous smile that gifted you the sense of light. To feel cherished, unique, and loved,
an emotion so profound,
An echo of the past,
a memory, that in your heart is found.

Sleepless nights spent intertwined,
whispering of the future untold,
Of what may come,
what may not, as your shared story unfolds.
A melancholic thought of eternal separation seeps in, so deep, Like grains of sand in the ocean sway,
waiting to make you weep.
In the darkness of your shared abode, these thoughts begin to creep, Infiltrating your soul, tearing you apart, leaving you in a heap.
Wondering what has changed,
why such thoughts have begun to breed, Leading you down a path of destruction, sowing a bitter seed.
Yet, you try to stay strong,
remember the laughter that made you feel free, The magical sound that made you safe, accepted, loved, and seen.
But as days pass, you grow weaker,
everything loses its taste,
The world seems gloomy, devoid of color,
as if it's been replaced.

Hold on to the hope that the future may bring joy anew,
Until then, be strong little man,
life has much in store for you. Remember, your journey is still unfolding, yet to be discovered,
Even in the darkest nights,
keep faith that the dawn is just over.
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