Martin Soliman

July 5 Vienna
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Endless and restless,
Grey and tasteless,
Sludge, surrounding me

Still observing
Nothing concerning,
Confusing me

Sinking and scratching,
Clawing and crawling
Still revolving but so revolting

Have you been born yet?
Are you alive?

Traceless ticking,
Then, suddenly,
A flash, blinding me

Changes occur
Sludge bleeds into color
Odor overwhelms me,
Taste is choking me,
My confusion intensifies,
My observation changes,
Alive at last.
English isn't my first language and I hope someone can help me clean it up. I wrote it after having been numb emotionally for years and it suddenly changing, which overwhelmed me. I was sitting on this poem for a few months now because I was to shy to show it to someone. This is also the first poem I wrote since high school and also the first one I wrote in English so I hope it isn't the worst xD. Be as brutally honest as you can. I'd rather have some serious feedback.
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