Markiya Franklin


To Whom It May Concern

Who do you think you are
To touch me that way
To use me the way you did
To bring it upon yourself to destroy my innocence
To break this family
To imprint on it as branded cattle
To pity us
To stuff us in a cell resembling your own
To cause pains and mock other hurts
To abandon us in this world
But who are you?
You're not the one I trusted
Nor the one I ever loved as I should have had the privilege to
You're not the one I tell the good news to
You're not the one I call for
You've never been the one I hugged willingly
You've never been the one I cried for
You'll always be the one I cry because of
Because you chose a substance over us
Because you chose women over us
Because you disrespected my mother, her loss, her all
Because, in turn, you disrespected me
All those years ago, I might've called
I might've cried
I might've hoped
But never again
I call for those who care, care and will continue to care
I cry for those who cried, cry, and will always cry
I hope for those who lost hope because
Where you were, there is an emptiness
There is resentment
There is hatred
And there is pain
Two hearts became one
That heart became a home
And that home became two very separate cells
Because of you
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