Mario Vitale

October 23, 1970-Ct.
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Rap On It

they say I'm going loco but who are they anyways this is what I gots to say
create a dope melody inside me to hide away the pain get on the O train
got freaks in the sheets so how high you poppin just like they got Ben Laden
whacked rhymes with chimes whacked rhyme for a reason changing of the season

after you take a dump you got to let that shit bleed now get down on your knees
Genius is good medicine for you and me take it to the streets working on its melody
anu place to make lil Pump, D-Cyphr ^ Papi Mario legends I'm a friend of G long legacy
got to keep it real as some homeboys say its no big deal look upon the spinning wheel

Start spreading the news some folks sing the blues but it gets deeper my friends
Genius is for us come explore it rappers want to floor it keep the base line low
Got sunshine on a cloudy day what more can I say so be brave creating a song
help you get along with the microphone scene burning bridges as a fiend

Mark my chemistry out spreading the disease got flames burning brighter & higher
Burning it up with the fullness of desire coming down to the wire fulfilling my legacy
Got those hip hop dreams eating delicious ice cream all those bitches do scream
got hoop dreams as a closet king playing my game down at the pool hall clean
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