Mario Vitale

October 23, 1970-Ct.
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Chase Back A Dream

Chase back a dream
onto all that hurts...
Fly away past the Willow tree
a Bob Ross blend of lovers as these;

You look for better in loving eyes
love is for certain
in tender wanting eyes
Eminem on the rap vine

Tupac would have known better
live through the rich notion of laughter
love stands too firm
we encounter the fuel

stand firm & refill
The Lord knows best
to encounter every test
Cheer up my brother...

The Lord knows best
capture by its obedience
live for the moment gear
the blues go to those agreeable
chase back the dream...

lurk not for lost treasure,
special lid for the oven scent
pour on the sauce onto its mat
The Lord knows best join in an excellent way to vent
to climb the wall past any unique test
The Lord knows best
chase back your dream you left darer to live

Reach out for another...
pull threw every joint to make
Trump needs to make a copy;
longing for rich wisdom

captured by a unique start
carry to pass the cross to enter its rest
lavish to pass any test
chase back the certain stoic with a smile

live as if its your last
not to second guess
a fly on the wall
to stand up ten feet tall

The wind through the hair
a heated word of care
break your heart a chore
A brand new start

not to be the same game changer
love will see you home
no matter where they roam
building bridges under the hat
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