Malavika Vinod

july 28th , 2003 - india
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Demonic Angel And Angelic Demon.

I stood silently, silent as a Sunday aurora,
But my heart was speaking like a non-stop dell,
I could see an angel in the hell,
Who is demonic inside.

There was a youngling nigh her,
Who had my childhood face,
So I asked her ‘ are you gonna slay me ?’
And I stepped back a pace.

She said “ oh Lil girl, it’s very tenebrous out there,
Come to me, the earth is such a cancer,
This is not hell . its welkin here,
Just slumber in my arms and you’ll be here”.

I was staying stilly and couldn't speak anything,
A zephyr blows around us,
That had a smell of ichor
Of a woman who was almost threescore.

I was terrified so I sprinted through the woods.
I sprinted as faster as I can
To somewhere that I can find a good
And I ended it in front of a seraglio

I saw an ingrate face there, I was even more terrified
There was a blithe woman nigh her
She was the future me
And That made me cure

It was a demon who was angelic inside
So I was a bit more confused
I wondered ‘what if the world is just converse
Of what I think that they are!

-Malavika Vinod
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