Maitrayan Bera

9th May, 2000 - West Bengal

Night Attack

Nights have passed,
I still stay awake.
As life is true,
So it is fake.

Dark thoughts linger,
Thoughts that never end.
Thoughts that make you miserable,
Without even a word or a comment.

Various pictures come in mind,
Memories that have been lost.
I still see them clearly,
And wander off again in my thoughts.

The misconception of life,
Has been a burden all the time.
I find myself feeling nothing anymore,
Hence, i am looking forward to resign.

I find myself,
Lost, starved and bruised.
But have gone through so much more
And still have nothing to lose.

I am all good by myself,
And i am doing just fine.
And though i lost all my hopes,
Yet i keep on looking,
Looking for someone,
Who will never be mine !
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