Mahtab Bangalee

January 01, 1986 - Chattogram
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But Why

But Why
I am the person, a human being
I belong to a certain tribe by faith
This is the field where I walk
This is the home where I live
In this pond, I bathe
In this river I catch fish
In this green forest, I wander listening to the song of birds
Wherever I go in this world is mine, human

Yes, you are the same who is opposite of me
You may have chosen another tribe in the faith market
But you are a person just like me, a human being
In reality, we are not rivals
From non-existence to existence to non-existence again-
Our world is always awake in this rotation

But why so many fights, so much violence
So much hate and conflict, so bloody war!

©Mahtab Bangalee
November 01, 2023
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