Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Success and its traps

Out on the dead streets
sleeping in the cold night, getting frostbite
Hustling to survive
Struggling to stay alive
The goal was to make out of the trenches
If we don't make it
At least make our deaths painless
That was prayer for those times
Days when no one gave a hoot about whatever happened to us
Days when we were just existing being,
Not really living being
Not a soul wanted to associated with us
Cause we're nobody
A different ball games it was
When money started rolling in
They started looking for links of friendship No one care how you did it, as long as they get
their share in deal
When you are rich and famous their caring side's revealed
Alot of pressure weight you down on all sides
No one cares for your savings
Just buy the drinks
And fund the house parties
You can act the way you like no more
You've got too much at stake
You gotta stick to the plan and fake the smile for the cameras
Alot of thought cloud the mind in droves
Trying to keep your pieces together
to ensure sanity
So you try to keep to yourself
They say you've got pride issues
Ignore their annoying comments
They tag you a snob
Guess that's why we should be careful what we wish for
As things has their pros and cons
Their terms and conditions
Their advantages and disadvantage
Poverty and its peace of mind and hunger too
Wealthy and its unhealthy dilemmas
Life and it's ups and downs
Death and its eternal rest
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