Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Rivers of regrets

Upon the Rivers my eyes cried out
Never did i think I'd feel this way
Stream of warm water tore about
All ever I wanted was to free my day
Oh, it coming back to me now
how I dug my grave
Straws, twigs and hays lacing it down
Just to lie on it just the same
Oh, how I envy birds luck
With their innate freedom
Ignoring caged bird's lock
Oh, now I see what they were afraid of
When the tantrums turns to face offs
They tried telling, I shrug it off
They tried teaching, I showed them stuff
And I took off
That's what I did
To show I was tougher
Saying I'll show them when am finally made

I'll make it out on my own i said,
oh I told them I'll make it out

Am sure the letter will burn their hearts out

Oh, how I hope to make it and clear their


But now, reverse is the case

I feel more kept in the cage than ever before

Remorse kept sweeping in

My regrets greater than regret

The eagret flying above seem to dectect

Home, I just hope to make it back to

And let my lesson be learnt

Lesson of my prodigality

Remember, when all had to do was till the field

And expect a bumper harvest

Much more than i invest

What more to expect from fertile Land's depth

Till the south field, while I the north

Take the weeds out in your wake, would ya? he would say

Humph, I will the reply comes through the nose

That was the beginning of my woes

Those were the days when hard work feels like hell

Those weren't close to my present throes

Never would I have thought I would look at the bright side of those days

I guess you never know the value

of what you own, not until you loose your cue

Now the nostalgia bites my nerves

The smell of grass that's been uprooted in haste

In his sheer determination

before sun rise

the grass are out

ready to start their hay days in the sun

Ridges's been made

to expect the seed maize

The rain heralds the growth

Few months the harvest

He did most the job, I did most the chops

Oh the days

If time's a wheel, i would love to roll back

If it's a book would love to turn back

the page in of life

And savour each and every moment

In the days of yore

Make ridges, I will

weed the grass with zeal

And Feed them to the goats in green

Transplant the seedlings

All,I wish I did

But I didn't, did I ?

The river seems to feel the remorse

Gushes out through my eye, the more

As flash flood would, a river bank

Enticed I was to those in shiny garments

The flashy garbs attract my focus

Determine I was, to be in one of those

His younger brother my role model

Stay away from him, he would say

He's not to be trusted, he would emphasis

Humph, I would say

If you had trusted perhaps you would be better off

I said

Oh how I regret those word

Off I went to his house

I drop off the bomb shell letter

Left the house like a thief in the night

The letter would sting their hearts out

That I know

Happy I was at the port

Boarded the ship with the lots

It soon dawn on me

That I just got myself caught

Eavesdropped on the captain talking

A plantation, they called it


It can't be, am being trafficked !

Sold's the right word

By my own uncle

Escape I tried, vain my effort

We were on the sea away from the port
Arms,legs tied to the destination

Finally am at the farm

Not the place to idle to away my time

Rather the one of trying and tribulation work

In hard labour

For another's aim

With no gains, but chains,

and excruciating pains

Slaving my days away

In a no man's land

Right here in the so called
New world
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