Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Men of Men

We only enjoy our childhood innocence till 7
At 8 when you get knocked down by your peers
In a fight
Don't get home a to tell a word of your defeat,
Else you get flogged for being weak and timid
Ignoring all excuses of your opponent being
Twice as tall and thrice your size
A real Man goes against the odds and conquers regardless
That's the rules

When emotions triggers welling tears
You have to hold it in and be a Man
Result to anger if you will
Plot a scheme of revenge for a comeback
You can even play the blaming games
But don't you dare seek redress in tears
That's a more feminine characteristic

When gargantuan snake rears its ugly head up
Threatening fang and venom
Ladies flee the scene
A real Man can't be caught running for his life
A Man faces his fears head on
Might as well end up dead trying to be brave
You will be remembered as a warrior
At least for a few days
Man who flee a challenge is no Man
You will be remembered forever as a weakling

When you hit 15 you stop being indulged
You longer have a right to treats
They say, quit whining like a girl and be a Man
Try pining for sweet and you're told off
You are a Man, you will fend for your own family one day

Oh how Men are denied emotions, and tears
Built to try to fix things and be the matured one
Built to be stoic and overbearing
Built to be a Man
Built cause the society only respects those who are
Men of Men
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