Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Homo Serpent

Man claims woman lead him on
Woman pointed to the devilish serpent
Evicted they were out of the utopic garden of Eden
Unto Earth
Ever since evil spread gradually all over
Man breeds pain against another
Pain bred grudge
Grudges bred hate
Hatred bred antagonist
Antagonism bred revenge
Revenge bred war
War bred chaos
Chaos breeds diseases that bred death
Yet man blames the devil
Totally avoiding responsibility

The devil stopped whispering evil thought long ago
Man has grown immune to whispers
Since Adam and Eve's incident Man has gone deaf against devil's words
So Satan stop trying to whisper
But someway somehow man has managed to surpassed devil's limits of evil
Man has concoct skirmish schemes
Spawn coup and intrigues
Planned Ambush and traps
And build weapons of apocalyptic destruction

Being masters of our own destiny made us more deadlier than the devilish serpent king himself
God seeing the trend of things tried setting the record straight
Sent men of exemplary character and holiness bearing messages of gospel, end time rapture with it severe punishment for sin and bountiful rewards for going the right path
Yet again Man feign deafness and ignore
Man neither listens to God nor hear Satan

Satan has since the exile learned and keep learning new things from this exotic breed of Man that keeps excelling at evil deeds
Building an army hellbound for Satan's calvary
Man, an hybrid of the devil know as devil's incarnate
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