Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Home Sickness

The war's been fought and won
Our goal's been achieved
thoughts of dying in battle's
has come and gun
The call of duty is done and gone
Home's call has been
keeping me on my toes in battle
When feelings of giving up
Crept on my mind
I pull my chain locket out taking a peak a it
My family smiling at me from within
Can help but gaze at the beautiful smiles
Reminiscing the warm embraces,
My daughter gives
how cute and insuring the cuddles could be
how disconcerting her tears
when she watch me leave
the last salute from mini me
my boy, trying to be brave
holding his tears in his crimson red eyes,
with every ounce of strength in him
The scene's etched forever in my brain
The feeling's quite unnerving
I hope it wouldn't be the death of me
Oh the passionate kisses
Only my lovely wife's lips could provide
Till when?, she asked
I... don't know
But i will be back,
A promise I wasn't sure, I would keep
My heart keep feeling lonesome ever since
I live my life longing for the hospitality
Only my family provide
No guest house can hope to come close to
Sometimes in battle fields where sporadic gunshots abound, I still feel the loneliness
With my comrade after a battle well fought
With all the cheering and chanting
Loneliness, still comes calling
Sometimes, I feel alone
Ho, home
My warm home
Oh home
My lovely home
Sometimes, I just feel alone
As man in the army this sort of feeling
Are quite unhealthy
But who am I to deny my heart of it solemn Solitude
When jolly beautiful days bug me still
When home calls I feel alone
Oftentimes I get sick
And diagnosis reveals nothing
I guess being home sick hits a man harder than fever does
Well the war's ended
Anxiety's taken it root in my heart
All yearning and craving for home
Would soon get its satiety
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