Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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As my poetic thots start it alphabeta Ascension
Being in those movement of Beauty
Creates a sort of congruence for my Creed
Disturbance might discourage and Distort
Earnesty will ensure an artistic Elegance
Free-minded to both friend and fiend

Gratitude to the Great God for a mind full of Grace
Holy is thy name reigning supreme in Heaven

Into the intricate verses I dive to Intrigue
Just like joules of exciting Jest

Keen am i to rile up curiosity, I'll have you know
Like an half-clad foreign lady in the city of Lagos
Men staring with diverse thoughts in Mind
Noticing mostly the part naked and Nude
Orchestrating an effect of a desert Oasis
Placed in front of thirsty Passers-by

Quest aroused on the morality Question
Reactions on all front and Rear
Some question her Sanity
Truth and lies started to Trade
Up and about she went Unconcerned
Virtually everyone has their own views
What she wore tagged her a whore
Xenophobic shots went through her like xenon
Yells and outcry of an outrageous youth
Zealous witness's plea ended in Zero
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