Lily Isong

August 17, - Nigeria
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Gracefully broken

Gracefully broken

Squeezed and twisted
Bended and shattered is this heart,
This heart that only sees you.
All this is new
I've never been like the few
I feared men aren't true
But I fell into you
Now I'm;
Gracefully broken

I try to regret not
For I never chose the paths that crossed yours
I believe it was the mathematical equations of fate,
I don't want to lose more than I already have
For I'm already gracefully broken
I'm wounded and dead
I die everyday
I hurt even in death
I'm burnt alive and tossed about
You caused this, you cursed me
You play with my innocence, you reduce me.
I fear for your blind mind for you only look but can't see
Ideas rule the world, but you only see hand in work.
You kill me over and again
I twist and bend but I never break.
I chose to be gracefully broken

Like phoenix I'll rise
The power to twist my neck
Would be taken from you
You won't reach me, you won't hurt me
You conjure my emotions
But it'll be over
You can't touch me now
You can't curse me anymore
I'm immortal
I've risen
I'm stronger
I can buy your love and your love
It'll make no difference since I'm only an option
I wasn't born to be an option
You're wrong about me
I'm more, you just don't see
You can't see.
With you I was lonely
Because I was only
Gracefully broken.
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