Lil Gary Phillips

August 17,1976 Texas


What lover's do. By Lil Gary
Being in love feels like you're on top of
the world, and man what a view.
Trying to solve the mystery of love is
only done without the help of a clue.
And for it, some can say over the cuckoo's
nest is a place where they flew.
Life is better shared and the math is one
plus one equals two.
Feels good to meet someone you can
send flowers and write poems for like
roses and a lover's haiku.
In hopes that you will be able to impress
and someday maybe can woo.
Both knowing that together you can turn
the rainy day's dark skies into sunny
and blue.
For most of us this kind of love is
something that's been long overdue.
If you can feel me your heads nodding up
and down while saying" Lil Gary this
poem is so true".
That special someone that makes you
stand up in front of God and the world
to say two words...... I DO.
Next comes the honeymoon thats
somewhere exotic like the tropical
beaches of Kalamazoo.
Making love you start to realize is
something so special and so new.
Everything up until now was false love
AKA just a screw.
Trying new things together like eating raw
oysters and learning what the hell
is a fondue.
Growing occurs naturally, but takes hard
work to say together we grew.
With every bumpy road life takes you
down, every back street and every avenue.
Every hard time and disappointment that
led you to argue.
Everyday your Love grew stronger to
build a band that no one can ever
Hopefully now because you both just
got a matching tattoo.
And sharing the same name because you
both go by My Boo.
Always stuck together by using
communication for glue.
Showing every day how much you care,
because caring is an action that
you'll never stop or ever be through.
For one day we all got to die and in a love
poem to talk about death for me is
really taboo.
When the day comes and the math says
one where it used to say two.
You better buy stock in the company that
owns Kleenex tissue.
Why you may wonder do people go
through all this crazy stuff, are we
sick with some kind of lover's flu?
Honestly I wish I could tell you I knew.
Till then I'll say geuss that's just what
lover's do......
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