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March 1989, Mediterranean
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The cornerstone

losing you for a few brief moments made me realize that the purpose of love. To You first & through you to myself.

What does it mean to be the perfect partner? The best answer my words can form is to give you what you need, to see your self expression at its full, to praise you like I should.

Your recent absence is my motivation to grow. To become what I need to be to naturally claim my spot next to you.

To be the cornerstone you steadily hold on to. The one embracing the earthquake of your emotions. To stay unaltered and unadulterated even as the constant chips of time take their toll.

You spoke of sexual power. I long for the fusion of our energies, the union of our charges. It is this force that I aim to harness, power is not.

I long for the moment where we become one and time stops ticking.

Lessons to be learned, I accept the truth. And no need to be explicit. I surrender my faith to devoted observation.

the heath, the mountains and the concrete jungles of this world will become our home if you want.

If it one thing I ask of you is time. Just give me the time to show you my love.

You give my life meaning, to become my true self and offer it all to you.
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