Les Farmer

Where In The World Did You Get That Tan?

Did you sit out by the pool?
Did you lay out in the sand?
Did you get it from a bottle?
Is it also in you hands?

Did you fake bake?
Do you have any lines?
Did you stay too long?
Is it really tan all under those clothes?

What is a matter,
What is wrong,
Why do we go to such lengths,
Just to get bronze!

Now matter what color you might be now,
I can tell you without a doubt,
Tan is better,
And this is true,
It just has to be better because of all the tings I have gone through.

Waiting, baking, basting in the sun,
Rubbing, rubbing, when will it all be done.
Finally, I decided, screw it all,
I would go and buy a tan.

I would be the tannest of them all.
Off I went on my quest,
I went searching and had a ball.
No place is perfect,
They were all the same,
The only thing I learned was how to play the game.

I asked each one for a free trial membership.
Just a day or two.
After all I wanted to see what they could do.
I then changed places everyday,
After a month,
I had a tan,
And it didn't cost me a arm and leg,
Well, that may not be exactly true,
Someday, I may develop skin cancer,
Sun spots, and age spots too,
Maybe I would be better off,
Not looking so hot.
And just cooling off!
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