Les Farmer

We Live In A Democracy?

You see we live in democracy,
I thought that was what we were taught,
And wasn't that why we fought
To keep the world free for democracy!

The problem is this,
It is a republic that we be.
We were established back
In 1789.

A democracy has truly never existed,
There may be a reason,
The problem is called the policital season.

It would be 24/7 every day,
All we would do is meet to meet,
And then plan to plan.

Nothing would every get done,
And soon everything would be cooked.
Our neck,
Our legs,
Our Heart,
Our hands.

Be careful what we ask for,
It may be what we will get,
Do we really want a democracy,
When a republic is what we have,
Do we really want the job of running
This great land!

24/7 we would meet,
Gridlock adorns every street,
We should consider ourselves
That the only place we have gridlock now,
Is in the capitol.

Plan to plan,
Meet to meet,
Vote on everything
This would be a real feat.

Now, sit back and watch TV
Go vote,
Take in a ball game,
All the time you will know,
That democracy and republic are not the same!
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