Leila Colleen Famisan

January 19, 2004 - Philippines
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My Dearest Soulmate

What do you say to someone you haven’t even met but yearn for?
Does the sun shine brighter on your side of the world?
Have you eaten?
Does the air feel cold?
Do you ever think of me too?

I call out to you
The soulmate I have yet to hear, see, and touch
I dream of what you could be, who you could be
I pray to God
That in this lifetime, I get to meet you

But what if not?
Will I ever get to love someone?
Will I ever get to be loved by someone?

If we are destined to not meet in this lifetime or a couple lifetimes more
I hope the sun is warm enough to make you feel my love
I hope you eat well
I hope the air fills your lungs and remind you that life is worth living
I hope all hopes and dreams of people who love is heard and made true

I hope you think of me too
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