Lee-Ann Azzopardi

August 20, 1970- Detroit
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I woke up before the dawn to welcome the day
After a night ofr snow and howling wind
As the fear quaked inside me underneath the comforter
I rose to see nothing but the stars still twinkling
And when the sunrise, the anxiety slipped away
The cold touched my face and slapped me once more from sleep
And I needed another coffee to open my eyes
But I started to think about you
Though, I knew it would be over in a year's time
I loved you for real
After, the third cup, I wiped my eyes
For today is the day you return to her--and New York
No more being a tourist guide
You offered me to come
But I have responsibilities to my family
So, I declined
And as, I watched you entered the taxi
You waved good-bye with a tear in yr eye
Listening the car radio playing my favorite song
While the taxi drove away
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