Leigh Yah

January 27, 1999 - New York

Dear YOU

Dear you,
I heard you are tired
Emotions beginning to weigh on you.

Dear you,
I heard you're unhappy
Does your work make you feel unease?
Do they expect a lot?

Dear you,
Remember when you shouted
It's deafening
And that energy seemed to deplete now.

Dear you,
Remember when you cried so hard
You spent sleepless nights
So eager to achieve that title.

Dear you,
You did it
But the excitement is gone
And now you're facing the most difficult part of the game.

Dear you,
You're here
But guess what?
You're surrounded with robots
Controlled by the system.

Dear you,
I heard this system is consuming you
Endless reports
Working 7 to 5
Seemed far from what we aimed... "quality."

Dear you,
I can see you're stressed
Anxieties are eating you up
Can you still help it?

Dear you,
How's it going?
Wait...you want to quit?
But why?

Dear you,
I can see those marks on your face
Unbelievably unhappy.

Dear you,
You lose track of your goal
Amidst your chaotic thoughts
Should you go further?

Dear you,
Why are you crying?
Had it been hard lately?
Then learn to rest.

Dear you,
Please... hold on!
Things are maybe tough
But believe me
Soon you'll get ahold of that.

Dear you,
Think of your future
Think of your plans
You have to take this forward.

Dear you,
Don't rush
Take it easy
It's nice to know you're coping.

Dear you,
How are you?
Feeling better?
Keep going!

Dear you,
No matter what
Just keep your head up
And breathe.
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