Lauren Fitzgerald

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I gaze out of the stained glass
Into an endless and calm crimson sky
Aching for a few drops to resound against the dry grass

My eyes yearn to watch the soil gulp down the elixir
Leaving behind not as much as a drop
Simply stand watching the sight of well drained sop
The petrichor from the ones forgotten tap my shoulder
Echoing through me like the voice of a long lost friend
It leaves me in a state of trance
That I wish would never end
My eyes look past the endless sky
As if expecting a few drops to suddenly fall from it
And acknowledge the quaked earth

Effortlessly, my pursed lips curl into a genuine smile
My eyes watch the crimson sky
As it is shattered by clouds dark and grey
The glistening raindrops known softly on the glass
As they gracefully seep down into the crevices below
And the soil gulps it down at once, with a perpetual sigh
I can hear the soil quickly gulping down the elixir
A sound invisible to everyone else
I press my nose against the glass
To feel the chillness the water leaves behind
As it flows down parallel to me

The pattering slows down into an elegant though sudden stop
And I gaze out of the stained glass
Into the now spotted crimson sky
Longing for a few more drops to resound against the grass.
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