Larissa Prestes e Silva

ParanĂ¡/ South of Brazil - January 1993.

Warm Memories

I know you from before
I whirled in the wind with you
In dreams at bars
By far.

I touched your essence
Softly while lick your skin
Brunette and hot
Marked by desire draft
Of serene nights
Watered in red wine dried
Swallowed while I bring you.

So, heal your craving
And serve me wet
Seasoned with enjoyment
Trembling and insatiate
By the sacrifice of
Falling apart in the air
To rumble in your quarry.

Your oak smell
It is the aroma
I carry in my body
Sweat-fixed of the fight
On Full Moon days
Pasted in flying drops
That runaway to see the scene.

We dance in the light
Of thunder lightning
And we love the torrential
Rain that wend down
To invade the sweet bonfire
With waters from your
Trident breath.

It was with you ax
That I bled my rebellion
Wielding meat with veiled
Screams while still burning
Hanging around cold nights
And running from the unloved whips
To dump my lava fury
Once again
In my beloved.

I know you from other days.
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