kishlay kumar

July 17,1991-India

The inner self:Story of my conscience

I gaze into the mirror and i see,
somebody familiar but that's not me.
He looks in a perfect state of mind,
looks like a friend that i had left behind.
He looks so perfect and so pure,
I just can't help but adore.
He says he's a man of contradictions,
and he knows how it seems.
A travesty, a tragedy,
A man of such extremes.
Each time i pull him closer,
I'm pushing him away.
He's silent all the time,
but still got a lot to say.
He's a merchant of peace and happiness,
while broken deep within.
He's so full of virtue,
and still so full of sin.
Sometimes he loves the shadow,
sometimes he likes the night.
He hates the lies that i tell him,
but hides them from the light.
He tells of love undying,
and things still yet to be.
He says " I hate the lying,
but still you lie to me."
He was never born, he'll never die,
as sure as hell is he.
A secret that is well kept,
that he's a part of me.
He tends to be the shining light,
but still he's ill-fated.
Loved by me all the time,
but still by me he's hated.
He always waits and watches,
knowing before too long.
The desire in me to know him more,
has now grown very strong.
And then he suddenly disappears,
Leaving no traces behind.
So next time when i meet him,
he'll be a worthy find.
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