Kinsley Lee

June 16, 1959-Seoul Korea
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To dedicate a poem to the members of Kangnew Battalion

They were the gallant Royal Guards soldiers in Ethiopia
But one days applied to participated the war broken at unknown
Country, far away. They descended the Olympia
To the port. And arrived the land the cannonballs flown.

The name "Kangnew", it means the invincible at the battle,
The heroes wrote the many legends and the core
Operations they carried out. With the sky-high mettle,
They planted the freedom on the land which torn by war.

They returned to their home with medals and honor of victory,
But after the revolution, they must bump into the new era.
The reason of fighting against the communist, astrictory,
They were kicked off from their works, living with their life like para.

The almost of the veterans were nineties. They're living with the retrospect,
But now Korean and world's freedom is owing to their merits,
And their heroic story isn't passed, it progress for prospect.
For Freedom for Human. It always be remembered, their merits!
(1st, Aug.,2023, Kinsley Lee)
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