Kingscross Nightgrave

August, 31st 1998- Maine
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Tug of war

Tug of War
War of Love
A battle rages
For one heart
One side Old
One side new
One side harmed you
One side fears to
One you know
One you Don't
The war rages
With you Lost
Two hands reach out
Yet which to take
The choice is yours to make
Is it wrong?
Maybe so
As is war
Conflict on two sides
Each pull you, tear you
Will you let it tear you into two?
What shall you ever do?
Lost and afraid
In the midst of it all
This love is war
And you are the casualty
Both want you
Both Love you
Yet you love both
Little fire Starter
What should you do?
Who to choose
Should you choose?
Or just let it wage
I care not what side you choose
I care you not to rip yourself apart
A war rages in your heart, only one you can stop
One you fear, regardless the result here
I will Stay
I won't leave you anyway
It's not like i ever could
But enough of me, this is about you
Little firestarter don't lose your flame
Your light so beautiful and full of delight
I hate to be part of the war being waged
I hate to be a weight dragging you to the grave
I want to lift all the weight of the world from your shoulders and free you
Yet i drag you down
I caused a war in your heart
In which you're the only casualty
I've made it where you have a choice
For that i am sorry.
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