Kingscross Nightgrave

August, 31st 1998- Maine
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So close sweet surrender

So far away so close sweet surrender
A gale thunders flows long
A triumph rings
Crowd sings
Yet here i stand unbecoming
Not a quiet breeze, it makes not a sound
Silence my prison, despair my chains and Dark is my warden.
A window to the world, a faint trace of light I see far into the distance
The morning sun, long forgotten freedom
An anguished sigh, a single tear
So close sweet surrender
The warmth of a hearth so far yet still reaches me
Glimmer of hope a golden key
The warden stares back at me
The dark i see infront of me is inside of me
Fangs bear, talons sharpen; in me i can see the thing locked inside of me with razor sharp claws and fangs waiting to bear
Its beady souless eyes prepare to stare, the color a crimson dark. Yet light strikes and i can see the man within
A hand stays the creature and the man weeps freed of a curse even if only temporary a hope is kindled of the day he may truly be free
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