Kingscross Nightgrave

August, 31st 1998- Maine
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Eyes are worn, Heart has torn
Growing thorns, forever more
A knife wound bleeds slowly
An exquisite pain
A day too late
A look of lost
Nowhere found
Toss and turn
Tumble the debris
Eyes are red, heart is black
Face turned purple, body empty
A soul split, fate spurned
Path cursed, days lost
Where to go, no one knows
Grave bells ring
Children sing, a sad hallelujah
A life gone by, feeling unkindled
Heart unfulfilled
Is the future i see or past gone by?
I turn to see staring back at me
Eyes are worn, heart was torn
Soul has split and fate forsook
A knife wound bleeds just like me
Tears have dried a face divine
Cold it creeps, life has gone
Hand run red, knife in hand
I look to my hand
run red, knife in hand
An exquisite pain, a day too late
I look to see in front of me, another life another day
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