Kingscross Nightgrave

August, 31st 1998- Maine
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Chin up

Here across the room
Staring at you
Feels so far away
Stealing what glances i may take
As i want to stare longingly into your eyes
As i want to lose myself in you
The distance feels great
Yet its but a few feet to take
I see your face, your eyes distant
Expression not here
Your eyes dart up and down
Looking around
It looks as if your gazing at your past
But id want your gaze to be the future near
Never fear, we are here and the one thing that cannot be taken is our hope.
Look forward little firestarter
Dont look back, a fire cannot be stoked with ashes cold but
With wood anew.
You look so distant
But you are here
Forever near yet far away
Though hope brings us closer than we could ever imagine
Hold your head up high
March on and never hang your head low
Gaze at the stars and reach for them
No height will slow you, no ground can hold you
Destined for greatness and i just hope i can be there to see it.
Keep your chin up and hold it high never let the worlds weight bear you down
Because ill be here to take the weight off your shoulders
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