Kingscross Nightgrave

August, 31st 1998- Maine
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Like a bird in a cage
Locked away
Wanting to be free, wanting to fly
Locked away in a cage
Hidden from society
Yet the key is not in front of me
I want to free you
I want to see you
I want you to be free and soar as high as the heaven’s see
Yet it is not for me
I cannot free you
I cannot open the door for i have not the key
The key is not infront of me
The key lies infront of you
Yet you do not see it
You do not not see the key in front of thee
The key that has hung all along for all to see
Even me, i can see the key
Yet you cannot see the key
Maybe you do not wish to see the key, maybe you do not wish to be free?
Or maybe you’re scared, scared of the heights to soar.
Scared of the world outside the cage
The cage is all you know anyway
Yet here i stay by the cage
I wait hoping maybe one day you’ll see the key or decide to be free
Do not fret i have but eternity, Eternity with you to wait and see
So you will not be lonely, so maybe you will not be scared.
So maybe you might fly away with me
With wings so beautiful why stay in a cage
With a heart so big why fear to be free, fear to see the world infront of thee
With eyes so vast why can you not see
The key infront of thee
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