King James I


From ' Choros Angelorvm.'

Sing, let vs sing with one accord,
Hallelviah on hie,
With euery elder that doth bow,
Before the Lambe, his knee :
Sing foure and t wen tie all with vs,
While heauen and earth resound,
Replenish'd with Jehoua's praise,
Whose like cannot be found.
For he it is that is and was
And euermore shall be,
Our only One vnseparate,
And yet in persons three.

Praise him for that he creat hath
The heauen, the earth, and all,
And euer hath presented them since
From their ruine and fall.
But praise him more, if more can be,
That so he loues his name,
As he doth mercie shew to all
That doe professe the same.
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