Khushi Mehra

August 2,2001-India
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The pandemic:Covid-19

Wondering how uncertain life is
The whole world has come to a standstill
Do I need to mention the reason for it?
Its none other than the pandemic Covid-19,isn’t it?
No more parties, no more hangouts
Practice social distancing thats the only way out.
Millions of people are suffering
Thousands of them are dying
What has it done to us,I am still wondering
Some are fighting for their lives in those isolated rooms
And some are fighting against hunger in this situation of gloom.
We all are in a war, and the enemy is not visible
Its time to stay united otherwise the things will get miserable
Doctors, policemen and army all risking their lives for us
But we have got some people who are just creating a fuss!
Yes its true, there has been no income from last 40 days
But don’t worry all are in the same boat going through the same phase.
Just take a moment and think
Hasn’t this time taught us great things?
We have Learnt our hidden traits
Came out with new interests in this strait
An unexpected drop in air pollution
People spending more time with their families, no more a delusion!
Just look at the silver lining
Soon there will be fresh blossoms and everything will be rising.
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