Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

September 17, 2001 - Eswatini
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My heart like a desert is dry,
From my eyes flow the stream of tears...
For the pain of the world I cry,
The world is in turmoil, the world is in fear .

My life is done, my thread is run,
Lachrymose will be, under the shadow of the sun .
I longed but for a future ahead;
But with a life so short, my hopes are dead.

Before I lived a life as full,
I realised life was just a shade...
And when I saw the strings I must pull;
And now I die, and now I was but made.

Though hope is lost because of turmoil and fear...
Though I won't be alive in the coming year.
I fear no more the spear and the arrow;
I fear no more a worst tomorrow...

For a brand new life tomorrow I will have,
A perfect life tomorrow I will live ...
Lachrymose! Lachrymose!
I have miles to go before I sleep !
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